Australia (2) - Бао-пресс

^ Australia (2)
Australia is the only country in the world that is also a

continent. It is the sixth large country and the smallest continent.

Australia lies between the South Pacific Ocean and

the Indian Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Ocean. It is situated about 11 000 km southwest

of North America and about 8 200 km southeast of mainland

Asia. The name of the country comes from Latin word

"australis" which mean southern. The Australia (2) - Бао-пресс country's official name

is Commonwealth of Australia.

The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of states.

Australia has six states — New South Wales, Queensland,

South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Australia.

Each state has its government. Australia has two territories

— the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

The capital of the country is Canberra.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy like Great Britain Australia (2) - Бао-пресс.

The nation is administered under written constitution. The

British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is also queen of Australia

and country's head of state. But the queen has little

power in the Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Australian government. She serves mainly as a

symbol of long historical tie between Great Britain and

Australia. Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of

Nations which is an association formed Australia (2) - Бао-пресс by Britain and some

of its former colonies.

Australia is one of the world's developed countries. Australia

has modern factories, highly productive mines and farms,

and busy cities. It is the world's leading Australia (2) - Бао-пресс producer of wool

and bauxite (the ore from which aluminium is мейд). It also

produces and exports large amounts of other minerals and

farm goods. Income from the export enables Australians to Australia (2) - Бао-пресс

have high standard of living. The most important trading

partners of Australia are Japan and the United States.


1. Where does the Australia lie?

2. What is the official name Australia (2) - Бао-пресс of the country?

3. What is the capital of the country?

4. Who is the country's head of state?

5. Is there a written constitution in Australia?

6. What are the main products of Australia?

7. What are the Australia (2) - Бао-пресс most important trade partners of the



to lie — находиться

to be situated — быть размещенным

mainland — континент

Latin — латинский

Commonwealth of Australia — Австралийский Альянс

federation — федерация

state — штат Australia (2) - Бао-пресс

territory — территория

capital — столица

government — правительство

tie — связь

Commonwealth of Nations — Английское Содружество


income — доход

standard of living — уровень жизни

^ Австралия (2)

Австралия — это единственная страна в мире, являю-

щаяся сразу материком. Она является 6-ой Australia (2) - Бао-пресс

по размерам государством в мире и самым небольшим конти-

нентом. Австралия находится меж Тихим и Индий-

ским океанами. Она размещена практически в 11 000 км к

юго-западу от Северной Америки и в 3 200 км Australia (2) - Бао-пресс — к юго-

востоку от материковой Азии. Заглавие страны происхо-

дит от латинского слова "australis", которое значит "юж-

ный". Официальное заглавие страны — Австралийский


Австралийский Альянс — это федерация штатов. Авст Australia (2) - Бао-пресс-

ралия состоит из 6 штатов: Нового Южного Уэльса,

Квинсленда, Южной Австралии, Тасмании, Виктории и За-

падной Австралии. В состав Австралии входят две терри-

тории: территория Федеральной столицы и Северная тер-

ритория. Столица Австралии — город Канберра Australia (2) - Бао-пресс.

Австралия — конституционная монархия, как и Вели-

кобритания. Правительство управляется согласно записан-

ной конституции. Английская царица Елизавета II яв-

ляется также царицой Австралии и главой страны.

Но царица не обладает большой властью Australia (2) - Бао-пресс в австра-

лийском правительстве. Она, в главном, служит симво-

лом давнешних исторических связей меж Великобританией

и Австралией. Австралия — член Английского Содруже-

ства наций, которое является ассоциацией, состоящей из

Британии и неких ее бывших Australia (2) - Бао-пресс колоний.

Австралия является одной из более продвинутых стран

мира. В Австралии есть современные фабрики, высокопро-

изводительные шахты и фермы, городка с высочайшей степенью

деловой активности. Она является ведущим производите-

лем шерсти и бокситов Australia (2) - Бао-пресс (руд, из которых создают алю-

миний). Она также добывает и экспортирует в огромных

количествах другие полезные ископаемые и сельскохозяй-

ственную продукцию. Доход от экспорта позволяет Авст-

ралии поддерживать высочайший Australia (2) - Бао-пресс уровень жизни. Важнейши-

ми торговыми партнерами Австралии являются Япония и

Соединенные Штаты Америки.

^ Christmas in Australia
Most Australians have been dreaming of a white Christmas

for centuries. But the traditional European Christmas Australia (2) - Бао-пресс is just

a myth for Australians. Santas wearing thick woollen clothes

don't fit with Australia's thirty-degree heat. Thankfully things

are changing fast. Now they have their own Christmas,

Australian style.

Australia Australia (2) - Бао-пресс is a country which is largely мейд up of desert

and sandy beaches. For the first settlers, two hundred years

ago, a plate of corned meat and a mug of Australia (2) - Бао-пресс billy tea might have

been the best Christmas dinner available. As a new nation

developed and grew richer, people tried to recreate the kind of

Christmas that they used to have in Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Europe.

Christmas in Australia happens in the summer. However,

we tried our best to deny the reality of a summer Christmas.

In the class-room, children learned songs like Frosty the

Snowman and Jingle Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Bells. Up until recently, the only Christmas

cards published portrayed white winter Christmases. All this

was a bit ridiculous in a country where 80 per cent of the land

has never Australia (2) - Бао-пресс witnessed a snowflake, even in winter.

However, the last ten years have witnessed some big

changes in the Australian lifestyle. Many Australians now

believe that the country should break its connections with

Britain and Australia (2) - Бао-пресс the British Queen.

Now Australians see themselves as inhabitants of the Asia

Pacific region. So now Christmas has got an Australian


It's rare to find a flake of snow on Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Christmas cards these

days. Now the publishers print Christmas cards with native

Australian animals and landscape scenes of the Australian


On Christmas day you'll find a large percentage of kids Australia (2) - Бао-пресс on

the beach playing with their new surfboards, building sandcastles

rather than snowmen. Indeed one of the most typical

Australian Christmas presents is a beach towel.

it's not only with food Australia (2) - Бао-пресс and gifts that Australian

Christmases differ from European ones. Because of the weather,

the atmosphere of Christmas is different.

Instead of being a serious time where most families are

indoors Australia (2) - Бао-пресс, Australians are usually outdoors in shorts and Tshirts,

taking a cold six-pack of beer to a friend's barbecue.

There are loads of summer festivals with people celebrating

Christmas in carnival style.

What Australia (2) - Бао-пресс is unique though is something that most Australians

are starting to dream of. That is a Christmas of sunshine,

surf and sand. Although to many Europeans this may seem

strange, to many Australia (2) - Бао-пресс Australians it's now the only Christmas

worth dreaming of.


1. What have most Australians been dreaming of for


2. Who doesn't fit with Australia's thirty-degree heat?

3. What Australia (2) - Бао-пресс did people try to recreate?

4. What did Christmas cards portray up until recently?

5. What do the publishers print Christmas cards with?

6. What is one of the most typical Australian Christmas


7. What do Australians Australia (2) - Бао-пресс do on Christmas day?


myth — миф

desert — пустыня

to recreate — веселиться

to portray — изображать, отрисовывать

snowf lake — снежинка

to dream of — грезить о (чем-либо)